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Outbreak: Undead RPG: Wild Kingdom Supplement

HB1002 Outbreak: Undead RPG: Wild Kingdom Supplement published by Hunters Books

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If Nature is our Mother, then we are her punished Children...

So you have escaped the ruins of civilization and sought refuge in the wild. How our generations of comfort have left us unprepared for the wrath of nature! Outbreak: Wild Kingdom introduces a host of new threats, of both the undead and the untamed forces of nature. In the collapse of our insulating civilization, a whole new level of fear is realized as your players try to survive against beasts, zombies and elemental forces.

Outbreak: Wild Kingdom Includes:

  • An expanded Bestiary with multiple brand new zombie beasts and Horror Traits.
  • In Depth guides for using and creating unique zombie beasts of your own.
  • New Character Types, Skills, Missions, Equipment, Strongholds, and Stronghold upgrades.
  • Rules for Pets, riding animals, and other animal companions.
  • Expanded environment rules for every major biome
  • A detailed sample campaign "The Fair King Zoo"

    The first supplement to the award winning Zombie Survival Role Playing Game, Outbreak: Undead!

  • Price: £5.00
           (RRP is 26.99)