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Keyforge Card Game: Age Of Ascension Deck

          BGG Rating 7.5 / Count 450

FFGKF03S Keyforge Card Game: Age Of Ascension Deck published by Fantasy Flight Games

In stock

Journey deeper into the world of the Crucible in Age of Ascension, the second age of KeyForge! In this continuation of the worlds first Unique Deck Game, you will find 204 new cards seamlessly integrated into the card pool, creating an entirely new collection of Archon Decks for you to discover, explore, and master!

Each unique deck offers a full play experience without the need of deckbuilding or boosters. Filled with strategic potential, every Age of Ascension Archon Deck has its own name, Archon design, and distinct mix of cards just waiting for you to discover the synergies and power within. Enter a new age and begin your quest to ascend to a new plane!

Price: £4.00
       (RRP is 9.99)

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