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Anansi Card Game (Level 99 Games)

LVL99ANBOS Anansi Card Game (Level 99 Games) published by Level 99 Games

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Once, all the stories belonged to someone else, but now they belong to Anansi, the Trickster (which is a story unto itself!). Everyone knows that the best stories happen when you play someone else for the fool.

But sometimes, even the best of tricks can backfire, and who plays the fool then?

In Anansi and the Box of Stories, the players take on the roles of archetypal animals in a trick taking game where you can use your animal cunning and abilities to turn the tricks in your favor. Each round every player plays the card they think will win the trick. But beware, as others will turn your tricks back on you and make you a foll, taking away your points! Only a player who can skillfully win tricks without being made a fool will prove their wisdom.


  • 96 Poker-sized cards
  • 1 Rules page
  • No. of Players: 3 to 8

    Duration: 20 to 40 minutes

    Price: £5.00
           (RRP is 14.99)

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