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Alien Artifacts Card Game: Breakthrough Expansion

          BGG Rating 7.3 / Count 71

PORAAEX2 Alien Artifacts Card Game: Breakthrough Expansion published by Portal Games

In stock

Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough, the second expansion for Alien Artifacts, takes place at the most intense point in human history! Face the new threats uncovered in Discovery, and experience new challenges for the space-faring factions. Humanity solved the mystery behind the alien technology and is ready to seize its powers!

Breakthrough adds new cards for your Alien Artifacts base game and arms you with new combos for your favorite game engines. This expansion includes 20 new technology cards, 10 new ship cards, and 10 new planet cards from the Expand category that will help you dominate the galaxy! Nothing can stop humanities technological breakthrough now!

No. of Players: 2 to 5

Duration: 60 minutes

Min. Age: 10

Price: £3.00
       (RRP is 13.99)